Burrito Reward

I have a very good life.  I am grateful for my health and my family that loves me.  But there are little things in this world that just bug me.

I have a “rewards” card from a burrito shop near where I work.  When you fill up the card, you get a free burrito.  On Tuesdays they offer two stamps instead of the typical single stamp.

Looks yummy, eh?

Today, which happened to be a Tuesday, my card only had one remaining unfilled box.  So when I got my two stamps I had to ask for a second rewards card to hold the additional stamp.  Now I have two reward cards in my wallet!  Oh, the irritation!  Now I have to carry around this ever so valuable free burrito indicator as well as the not so valuable extra piece of paper for as long as it takes for me to develop the craving for that particular lunch stop again.  I don’t understand how other people can deal with this horrible inconvenience without outwardly wearing a constant look of frustration on their faces.

Of course, I am just joking.  But there was, in fact, a measurable amount of time where in my mind I was going, “Damn, this sucks.”

I pushed through.

Sorry, no reward for buying 10 copies of my book!


6 responses to “Burrito Reward

  1. A true hero….pushed on in the face of adversity. I hear ya…I end up in the same situation with those buy 10 cards get the 11th free. Same with my pant club card and my bra cub card…damn things fill my wallet to the brink of busting and to be honest, I always forget to use the freebies (but always remember to get the stamp…go figure).
    Why can’t we all go digital like Hallmark’s new digital club card or Shoppers Optimum….ahhhhh….
    Good luck and may your burrito craving arrive soon! BTW, YUMMY!!

  2. I gave up on the reward cards awhile back. I couldn’t deal with the pressure to fill them up before either losing them or realizing I couldn’t eat the same thing one more time.

  3. I had about six mostly-filled Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf cards. They would all disappear the second I was at the register, then reappear when I was a Starbucks looking for that gift card that was missing. Now I just make my own coffee. And my purse is a lot lighter.
    Maybe that free burrito card will make a nice gift for someone. But not if you share the same room with them unless it comes with a second gift – room spray.

  4. Nice looking burrito! Where from? I have THE Burrito Guide on my site…

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