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I am completely flattered and amused when other bloggers “nominate” my blog for an “award” each and every time it happens.  I’m truly pleased that these people are enjoying my blog.  Does everyone understand that?  I really do appreciate you reading and enjoying my writings.  Really!

However, when I looked into the “award” I quickly came to realize that it is just a fun thing to do for other bloggers.  In doing so, both the nominated blog and the nominating blogger’s blog will get a little bit more publicity if the rules of the award are adhered to.  I get it.  We all want more people to visit our blogs.  I find myself looking at the traffic number of my blog often.  Too often, in fact.

The following is an example of the typical rules of the blog awards (The Versatile Blogger, One Lovely Blog Award, The Sunshine Award, etc).

1. Add the award to your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link to their blog.
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4. List the rules.
5. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know about the award.

Let’s discuss, shall we?

1. The award itself is a picture—a happy little picture with the award name displayed in an easily readable fashion.  Cute.  I’ve seen them on many other blogs that I enjoy.

2.  The requirement to thank the nominating person should not need to be stated as a rule.  I always punch in a thank-you response to the comment from the nominating person’s message.  I do so, because I am touched by their action.  If you need to be told to say thank-you, it probably isn’t coming from your heart.  “Now son, tell your Great Grandmother thank you for the nickel.”  “Oh yeah, thanks.”

3.  I should then mention seven random things about myself.  My blog is about myself.  My stories are usually about things and situations that I have encountered.  If you have read some of my entries, you already know “things” about me.

4.  List the rules.  Ok.  See above.  Done.

5.  Nominate 15 other bloggers.  Really?  Wow, that’s a lot.  Suddenly, I feel that this award that I have been nominated for just might be a little watered down.  Again, I’m still flattered, but how many other awards have this kind of requirement attached to them.  “And the Oscar goes to {fill in your name} as long as he gives away 15 Oscars to other people.”

I understand that this is just supposed to be fun.  I even have that “I’m a party pooper” feeling as I’m typing this.  It’s just that I don’t think we actually are creating an award, but rather Blog Spam.  Maybe I can coin a new term: Blam.  Hey, maybe I can start a new award called “The Blam Award”.

1. Add the Blam Award picture to your blog.  Make sure you use the full 25 megabyte gif picture.
2. You should have already thanked the nominating person.  If you didn’t, you suck.
3. Talk about stuff on your blog like you already have been doing.
4. List the rules.  Make up as many extra rules as you feel.
5. Nominate 1035 other blogs and Blam their “about” page with this info.

Ok, I’m done being an ungrateful punk.

Thanks for nominating me again!

Buy my book or I’ll Blam your blog!


27 responses to “Blog Awards

  1. I am so glad that at least one other blogger pushed “like”. Now I can start getting over that ungrateful feeling I created.

  2. Haha, as one of those people who nominated you (sorry for that) I’m totally on board with your view! I’m hearing this more often. You’re right, it’s like spam/chain letters. It’s nice when people think of you but it’s a never-ending thing. EVERYONE will probably eventually get nominated once or a million times. Oh well…enjoyed this post. 😉

  3. Congratulations on your award, and being one of someone’s 15 elite 😉

  4. The Blam award = hilarious! 🙂

  5. This is indeed nothing else then a chain letter mostly with the target to create tons of backlinks to the blog which created the award.

    Internet never will change, lol. I notice stuff like that already since more then 15 years. Today its just another method, Can you remember these “topsites” where you can register your url and your banner? Basicly its the same principle. The topsite webmaster created rules. You needed to add an “award banner” which is indeed backlinking to the topsite otherwise your entry gets deleted.. well this is 1990 but today they think about new methods to generate backlinks or to spread out a name or brand. It is just sure that those who are nominated for a blog award, will mention “Hey cool Blog XYZdotCOM did nominated me! Just wow! Here is the link to their Blog!”. Did I say already that Internet never will change? 🙂

    There were tons of these methods in the past. I cant count them all. You never get anything for free.. not even an award. There is always a reason behind the action at least in the internet.

    I agree pretty much to your blogpost and it makes me want to read more of you blog which I will do soon. I dont think you are a party pooper. You are rather a realist.. you think rational while others dont. But I wont blame them.. they were nominated… lol. Praise (award?) can activate vanity and vanity is sadly sometimes stronger then logic. Thats why so many people fall into that crap trap.

    Indeed someone could now argue “party pooper! its just a fun action!” but I would answer “Spare me with that kind of nonsense!”. I rather feel pity for those who think they got awared for blog performance or quality. They are awarded to be in a “modern” chain letter. Nothing else.

    You counted up some great points. Why for example should the awarded person mention random thing from about them self? Does that mean the person who awarded you, did not read your blog? That´s a shame.

    This is my subjective Opinion and as always I am aware that I provided a target with my comment here for others to start a typical flamewar. 🙂 But thats how it is if you write down your opinion.

    It´s funny that I wrote such a big comment coz you said already everything which needed to be said.

    I really really would love to reblog your blogpost. May I?

    • The answer to your “Can I reblog” question is “sure, please do” (and thanks for asking).
      Thanks for seeing my post for what it is. I find myself poking fun of things, people, and situations everywhere. My reaction to the blog awards is no different that my reaction to a GPS unit, or a bathroom lightswitch. Again, I am so pleased that people can enjoy my writing and honestly, if I get nominated again and again, I’ll still be smiling inside.

  6. That was funny and so true!! Now can i have all your awards?

  7. Reblogged this on Diary of Dennis and commented:
    Great thoughts about Blog Awards

  8. Yep, ditto to everything already said. Love the humor in your post. But this being modern day, I am really surprised that noone has gotten offended! Usually there’s at least one. I guess you broke the pattern. 10 out of 10 do agree! 🙂

  9. I am so glad you brought this up. I’ve been nominated a few times, and although I’m flattered, I don’t really want to write a post saying that I like Miracle Whip and my first dog’s name was Tiger. And although I could name 15 blogs I like, I feel like I’d be making other bloggers mad if I didn’t mention them. I also don’t understand the relevance of all the badges. Does anyone except for other bloggers really ever click or care?

  10. Ha! That’s hilarious!!! I still feel pretty awesome that I am on your “blam” list.

  11. I told my mom that winning the Liebster Award felt like winning a 6th grade class superlative. And, yet, I was still proud 😉

  12. Balls! Effing chain letters. Now I’ve gotta do this or I’ll get cancer. Oh, wait. Balls again!

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