Oh Say Did You Hear

With the Olympics in full swing, I found myself in Denver on business travel.  I had dinner at a Friday’s restaurant where I was eating as a “party of one” and trying to take in some Olympic coverage on the television in the background.  However, today was also the opening day for NFL preseason football games.  If perhaps you have been living under a rock, you may not have heard that Peyton Manning will be playing quarterback for the Denver Broncos this season.  A little background for you under-rock dwellers:  Peyton Manning has recovered from several neck surgeries and was picked up by Denver.  Apparently the Olympics was all but forgotten, as the fans in this restaurant had all the televisions tuned to watch Peyton Manning’s first drive as a Denver Bronco.

So the crowd that I ate with was obviously excited about their new quarterback.  The weather at the game was a light drizzle.  Oddly enough, there was an unexpected amount of criticism in the air at the restaurant.  No, not about Peyton.  It was all about the poor girl who was sang the national anthem.  Harsh crowd.

Someone said, “She sounds tone deaf.”  Another critic spoke up with, “She is missing half her notes.”  I also heard, “How did she ever make it to the big leagues?”

Really harsh crowd.  Hey Denver people, lighten up a bit.  Relax.

The young singer was clearly happy to be there, but I found myself chiming in with my own special comments designed to make them realize how critical they were sounding.  “Hey, it’s hard to sing at this level with the rain coming down.  Do you know how hard it is to not fumble a wet microphone?”  And then I added that typical sport fan battle cry, “Wait until next year.  Maybe they’ll draft some real back-up singers.”

That’s kind of funny, isn’t it?  Not really.  You should have seen the looks I received.  I went silent, tucked my tail between my legs, and started crawling back to Cincinnati.

Hey, how come the Peyton Manning bobble-head doll didn’t take off after his neck surgeries?

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4 responses to “Oh Say Did You Hear

  1. You were in Texas – home of more Miss America Pageant winners than any other state and they take it all very seriously. They’re probably a very critical crowd because all those Miss Runner-Ups are probably waitresses at Friday’s and they’re jealous that they weren’t the ones singing The National Anthem. Just a theory.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog

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