Running the Register

When I was a young punk so long ago, I had a summer job working at a drug store.  I would stock shelves and run the register.  I remember my overzealous manager harping on us to remember to always hand the customer their receipt.   “All returns must have a receipt.  So I don’t want to hear from any of our customers that they didn’t receive one.”  Yeah, that’s about as difficult as it got.  It was simple work for a simple time.

My favorite part of working the register was watching people’s behavior as they would purchase condoms.  As I noted, it was a long time ago, but this particular store was breaking out of the Stone Age by placing the condoms for sale in one of the aisles rather than behind the counter.  This way people can place the item in their basket without having to interact with the old man pharmacist or the young punk behind the counter (like me).

My job (people watching entertainment for a pay check) taught me that when men buy condoms they will always hide the box among other items.  A magazine, a bottle of pop, a box of condoms, and a candy bar.  See?  You probably didn’t even see the word “condom” in that last sentence.  I, being the good little cash register runner, would act like I didn’t notice their particular special item.  Although the voices in my head were always screaming.  “Twenty four pack, huh?  I guess that should last you until the end of the decade.  You know, these only have a shelf life of twelve months.”

Here is your receipt.  Have a nice night.

Women, on the other hand would walk right up to the counter, drop their box of condoms, pay for them, and be on their way.  Although I watched this behavior many times over, I’m still not sure if women are just bolder or simply trying to push through this awkward moment as fast as possible.  I’m leaning toward bolder.

There was this one time where this woman brought her box of condoms up to the counter and paid for them.  She stated that she didn’t need a bag, grabbed her purchase, and headed to the door.  I, like a good little employee, held out her receipt and said, “I have your receipt here.”

She turned around and looked me straight in the eye.  She held up her box of condoms, and said, “I’m only going to need that if these break.”

I put the receipt in the trash.

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26 responses to “Running the Register

  1. I assume the men are also hiding tampons the same way. But unlike the condoms in the basket which are a secret little “I’m getting laid tonight,” the tampons seem to scream “I’m p***y whipped!” Yet most women I know think it takes a real manly man to be brave enough to shop for a gal’s feminine needs.
    Funny post as always!

  2. Classic! I always wanted to quip witty one-liners when working in retail. 🙂

  3. Haha, enjoyed reading this. I would think men would be bolder and proudly “show off” their purchase. Who would’ve thought? “I’m only going to need that if these break.” So funny. 😀

  4. Very funny! I remember once my grandfather sent me to the drug store to buy him hemorrhoid cream and I was dying! What if someone thought it was for ME? And of course female sanitary products – dying! Funny not only to watch other people but to watch myself! LOL

  5. Ha! I never bought condoms – really – but now i may just to watch the person watching me watching them…

  6. Great post. Women are so much more direct!

  7. I never considered keeping that receipt before.

  8. I would venture to say that women are bolder. I think we got over making embarrassing purchases once we had to start buying our special products for that monthly visitor we all get. It’s an attitude now…I’m buying these because I need/want them. Get over it.

  9. Funny, was never embarrassed to buy the box of condoms. But KY jelly? another story altogether. And when they started coming in flavors? Oh, the horror! Not only that, they have to be taken out of security sleeves first!!! EVERYBODY knows your bidness then!

  10. All embarrassing items for the year in one shot. Great idea if one can afford it. Funny post.

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