Web Site Coupons

You know what really fires up the voices in my head?

No?  Well that’s a good thing, because if you did know that would mean that you were able to read my thoughts.  And if that were the case, I would be spending the rest of this blog explaining to you that I didn’t actually insult you because I didn’t actually say anything out loud.  It’s not an insult if it stays in my head, right?  And besides, that shirt looks nice on you.

Let’s get back on track.

You’ll find more and more often on web sites that sell stuff a box asking the question “Do you have a coupon?” or even more demanding, “Enter your money-saving code here”.

Well I don’t have one of your precious little coupon codes.  I think I would like one though.  Tell me little “cart checking out” web page, where would I have received this wonderful coupon of savings?  Hello?  Hello?  Oh, I see.  You’re not capable of answering that question.  Silent treatment, huh?

What if there is no coupon code in existence?  What if it’s just me that this website wants to charge full price?  Maybe when someone else reaches their checkout moment, it’ll post a “20% savings automatically included” in that nifty coupon code text box of dreams.

I usually punch the words “bite me” in the coupon box—typing perhaps a little bit too dramatically.

The insulted web site often responds with “Inappropriate coupon code”.

And I smile, because that’s exactly what I was going for.

Buy my book (No coupon available anywhere).

15 responses to “Web Site Coupons

  1. I hear you, guy! (Unless that’s just the voices in my OWN head I’m hearing.)

  2. LOL You know, I see that box as challenge. I type in “Challenge accepted” and then blow the smoke at the end of my finger gun. I then go to my ebates website and see if they are listed there. If not I type their name into google and the word coupon code. It never fails me. I take that mofo down and save my 20%.

    Now let’s talk about what you were thinking about me. That was very rude and unkind. I think you should think about about it and sit in time out with a beer and your feet up.


  3. You’re too much Marcus. 😉

  4. This is why I follow my grandmother’s lead and avoid online shopping.

  5. I always wonder about that damn box. I bet there’s a show in the works. It’ll air on TLC and be sorta like the extreme couponer show, but it won’t be housewives in grocery stores. It’ll be fat guys, shopping in their underwear and cashing in on mega e-coupons. We will all sit in awe and wonder how they got Amazon to pay THEM for getting a copy of “Fifty Shades”

  6. How did you know that the coupon issue was such a Hot Button? Like rebecca2000 I have also gone to the coupon sites, but the technique must be above my pay grade because it hasn’t worked once, not 1 single time. I’m trying ebates. I’m glad I’m not the only one NOT getting the discount. Apparently, misery still loves company.

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