While I was out and about today I passed by another road sign that gave me pause.  I didn’t actually go on pause, because that would be dangerous while driving.  I simple accepted the pause and pondered it.  I read the sign and said to myself, “Bob, you should blog about that one.”  It’s kind of odd because my name is Marcus.  That’s probably why I didn’t bother responding.

The sign said, “Be Prepared to Stop”.  This got me thinking—perhaps too much.  But I do that a lot.

What is going on here, on this particular road, that I should be issued this cautionary warning?  If you are driving a vehicle, whether it is a full sized truck or a smart car, you probably should be prepared to stop during every second of your entire trip.  You should not rely on the occasional road side sign to suggest an intelligent, well-thought-out, course of action.  You should, in fact, be prepared to stop as soon as you begin you journey—from the first moment you take your foot off the brake pedal all the way to the point you put the car back into park.

Be prepared to stop.

Seriously this is some good advice.  Perhaps this sign should be posted in other locations where people tend to congregate.  How about at the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet?  Be prepared to stop.  You are about to feel like hell.

The girl scouts should post this sign on all of their boxes of cookies.  Be prepared to stop.  You are about to eat an entire sleeve of thin mints.  Twice.

But then I was thinking that maybe this seemingly random sign of good advice could possibly be sending the wrong message.  What if someone was driving along thinking about a major life decision?  Perhaps this person was thinking about jumping into an opportunity of a lifetime, but was hesitating because of an irrational fear of the risks associated with chasing his lifelong dream.  He looks up.  He sees the sign.  Be prepared to stop.  He then cancels the whole concept and continues his mundane life of working in a dark office cubicle.

The sign needs to have additional signs to clarify how to handle all of the possible scenarios that may be in play.

Be Prepared to Stop.  Always When Driving.  With Caution While Eating.  Never When Chasing Your Dreams.

Maybe there wasn’t enough room on the telephone pole.  I can’t remember because I didn’t stop.  But I was prepared to stop.

Be prepared to stop, and then buy my book.

17 responses to “Stop

  1. I stopped. Then I read the whole thing! Now, I’m off again! Toodleoo!

  2. Ever since Bruce Almighty, I can’t help but think signs like that are intended to intervene in whatever’s going on in my head. I would absolutely see that as a sign (literally and figuratively) that the course of action I was considering was, if not the wrong choice, at least one with which I should proceed cautionsly!

  3. Oh, Bob…. So silly. 🙂

  4. Love the idea of that sign hanging in the buffet lines. On our recent trip to OK I noticed a lot of signs that said, “Do Not Drive Into Smoke,” but I couldn’t come up with enough funny thoughts to make a whole post out of it.

  5. I like the signs that say: Turn back. Wrong way. How do you know you are going the wrong way? Is that when you have to be prepared to stop? Great post.

  6. I was here when you first posted this. But a sign popped up that said STOP, so I left. Then I forgot all about this post until your smiling face popped up at my blog and said GO. So here I am with nothing but babble. Good post, Marcus, Bob, whatever your name is.

  7. I was prepared to stop. But you kept rambling on for another 7 paragraphs. I will be leery of any future road signs from you.

    I’m not a fan of emoticons. I think they’re kind of lame. But I probably should do this 😉 so you know I’m just kidding.

    • As a rule of our culture, you can say whatever you want as long as you follow it up with “just kidding” or “just saying”. I think the word “just” lets you off the hook. Just saying.

  8. I liked the part about what if you were making major decisions and changed your mind, due to the sign? This is great stuff!

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