My crazy little language, English, got the voices in my head thinking too much again.  There are a lot of words hanging around out there that begin with an “RE”.  Typically you can add these two little letters to the front of a word and POOF!  It now means that you are doing it for at least the second time.

You aligned it once.  Now you can align it again.  Realign.

You built it yesterday.  Someone knocked it over.  Now you can build it again.  Rebuild.  You catching on?

Someone was on the radio rebuking the way our government operates.  They were not satisfied with the amount of government money being spent and they were publicly rebuking the plan.  Which means to me, that they were once dissatisfied and now they are dissatisfied again.  Everywhere you look, you’ll find people buking the government.  And they’ll do it again at some point.  They’ll buke and then they’ll rebuke.

With evil dictators ruling with an iron fist, I always enjoy hearing news stories about that one special person that cruits people for a possible bellion.  Sometimes their fight doesn’t succeed the first time, but then someone else recruits more people for the rebellion.

I’m in church the other day singing songs and praising Jesus.  Somewhere in the lyrics was the word “rejoice”.  Suddenly I’m thinking to myself, “Hey, I don’t recall joicing in the Lord to begin with.  And here I am skipping directly to rejoicing.”  If you don’t actually joice in the first place, you can’t possibly rejoice.  That’s impossible and maybe even hypocritical!

The word reread really makes me think.  Its either reading something twice or “ading” something four times.

I think I’ll stop now because I’m pretty sure this blog entry is redumb.  It was dumb to start with and then it was dumb again.

If you own my book you can reread it.  Maybe even rereread it.

24 responses to “Reword

  1. I re-acted to this post with a smile. I can re-assure you that it isn’t dumb. It just re-enforces the fact that English is a dumb language. Pity I can’t Re-like the post, though I could re-blog it…..

  2. I was clining when my email dinged. I checked it, and saw it was alerting me to the fact that you have this brilliant new post up. Five starts for you, Marcus. I think I will recline now.

  3. >snort!< This was effing brilliant, my man!

  4. Lol…may be redumb (it’s not) but it put a smile on my face. 🙂

    • I’m calling foul here. You cannot say that it may be dumb and that it is not at the same time. I think what is really going on here is that you just simply enjoy dumb things and they make you smile.

  5. If you start feeling particularly lazy, you can re-post this same piece with a de/dis-theme. Disclaim. De-align. De-dumb it twice and cancel out the both the dumb and redumb.

  6. I re-alized that I enjoyed your blog quite a bit, do I’ve nominated you for an Very Inspiring Blogger award. Here’s my post:

  7. LOL Going to join the clining club too. 🙂 …I and my computer have both been receiving care and attention and I am pleased to say I can now read and comment again. Long may it last…….

  8. Love it. I have a rant about rehabilitating inmate that I just won’t get into…..

  9. Well, am visiting you because you visited me at REalism REdefined where every post starts with RE words and what do I find??? a post about the great RE. What a hoot!!! Will be back soon!

  10. I found this post markable, as I tend to think of words in a fashion that semble your way. I alize that it can be quite diculous. Thanks for sharing.

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