Sorry, My Mistake

My published book has a few typos.  And this is the Errata page.

Hey, did you even know I was selling a book?  Click this now.

I’m not proud of these errors, but I guess it wasn’t unexpected.  My son was my most active proof reader.  He was twelve at the time.  So here it is, a list of the known and reported mistakes along with an explanation on how each error came to be.  Note: The unknown errors are not yet included in this list.

Page 59:  There was a whole in the gas tank, but it was on the upper right side of the tank.

There was a hole – not a whole with a “w”.  In fact it was whole hole.  Because even a half of a hole is still a whole hole.  Kind of blows your mind.  Your hole mind.

Page 102:  Life father like son.

Like father like son.  Because “life fathers” are nothing like sons.

Page 124:  I would accept the friendship of Julia, Frosty, LeBron, and Johnathan.

This error is almost forgivable.  The individual second in the list actually spells his name “Frostee”.  I can’t be held too responsible for this one since I grew up watching that wild snowman named Frosty every Christmas season.  And Frosty the Snowman was all-living long before it became kool to spell thingz with alternate letterz.

Page 157:  The stuff does works!

Not only does this stuff work, but it worked so good that I had to say it with a plural.  It’s like working twice.

The first error took 59 pages to create.  The next came 43 pages later.  Then 22 pages passed and it happened again.  Finally, a 33 page margin passed by before the last error.  Mathematically, I produce and publish a typo every 39.25 pages.  You know what that means?  To put it another way, if the errors were days, I would make only a fraction of a mistake per month.  That is an amazing coincidence.  It just happens to line up exactly with the amazing amount of perfect that I bleed every day.

So there.  I really feel better now that I got that off my chest.  I’ll just continue my near perfection now…

By mi bok.  You’l enjoys it.

16 responses to “Sorry, My Mistake

  1. Yeah, I noticed those when I red ur bok. I didn’t say nething tho b/c I’m nyce like that. Besides, the bok was so funny I ignord it.

  2. I clicked your “click this now” and noticed something a little fishy. You didn’t mention that your 12-year old son was your editor. If he knew you weren’t going to give him any credit, instead of allowing “life father, like son,” he might have made it “life father, no like son.” He still has a chance to submit his Amazon review and say “I was a 7th grader and only let 4 typos slip by. Don’t you think my dad should give me some of his royalties? At least a bigger allowance?”

    Amazon says there’s only 3 of your books left in stock with more on the way. Pretty cool! (and yes – I will buy one as soon as I find my lost gift card I can’t find from Christmas).

  3. I can read something over 20 times and miss something very obvious. Our brain is trained to read what we want to see. Sometimes I even proof read back words.

  4. Hey, this is normal. Even the best-selling authors leave imperfections in the SECOND editions of their books. Stephen Fry, and Bill Bryson are two I can recall from the top of my head.

    I’m a (24-year-old) proofreader and I’m willing to help you out with your next book. Just get in touch 🙂

  5. My 81-year-old mother is my editor. Someday, maybe you and I can afford someone in the middle and see what happens.

  6. Bwah! You’re human! Oh my gawrsh, I wouldna guessed! Haha! Aah, it’s to be expected. None of us are perfect. Jeez, I leave typos all over this place. (Especially at night, ask Maddie) *nudge nudge*
    P.S. My son is 3. He would gladly be my editor if I payed him in crayons and yogurt. He would probably do a better job than me too & shock everyone. Kid is a freakin’ genius. Dunno where he gets it from. Clearly, not from his parents.

  7. Typos happen. Despite having proofed my book countless times as well as having an editor do the same (and my publisher has a senior editor, too), two typos still slipped into my book. One I think only one person discovered so far because it’s so subtle; the other is a missed word. But the missed word occurred during an ending climactic scene, so I figured we were all so caught up in the action, it just slipped on by! Bugged me for a long, long time, but now I’m at peace with it. Especially since I’ve found errors in several best-selling novels. 🙂

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