Random Voices #3

I’m a little light on material these days.  Nothing wrong, really.  It’s simply that the voices in my head have only been bringing me small scenarios.  Nothing that I can use to write a longer drawn out story.  So here are a few random thoughts.

When someone says, “don’t hold your breath” as a means to convey the message, “it’s not going to happen!”  I always think to myself, “What if I was underwater to begin with?  Isn’t holding my breath something that would be in my best interest?”

This is the first blog that I titled “Random Voices”.  It would be foolish to begin a search for the first or second edition.

I think the Dark Forest (somewhere in Germany) was named during the night.  When the sun rose in the morning, the people who came up with the name were like, “Oh man!  Look how green this place is!  And look how much light is shining above it!  Maybe we should have named this place the Light Green Forest.”

When someone says, “I have to pee like a racehorse!”  I always picture them getting down on all four, peeing, and then entering the starting gates.  Put your money on these people.  They will probably win the race, but they probably aren’t winners.

When someone says, “I have to pee like you wouldn’t believe!”  I always picture them standing on their head first.  I seriously would not believe that.

I have to stop typing now because I have to use the bathroom.

Buy my book for the back of your toilet.

9 responses to “Random Voices #3

  1. Hey! I nominated you for an award!


    Keep making awesome posts!

  2. Damn… I was totally gonna go looking for random voices 1 & 2…

  3. How charming is this! I also feature a RANDOMS category–and I am thinking we are somehow jigsaw puzzle pieces from an exceptionally cool puzzle that have been missing, lo, these many years. That–or socks.

    What about Greenland, Funny Blog Guy? They must have been bummed when the rink lights came up and they realized they shouldn’t have sold their hockey sticks. And that’s how H-E–double toothpicks entered our vernacular, you know…a Green Myth of Olde…

    Come by!! Be random with me!! 🙂 🙂

  4. crap! Double hockeysticks is what I meant. I suppose I’m fired–so I’ll just get my things…;)

  5. Love random thoughts! It’s what makes me so random 😉

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