My Super Bowl Recap 2014

If you are a Peyton Manning fan, then that Super Bowl was not for you.

If you are a funny commercial fan, then that Super Bowl was not for you.

If you are a Phillip Seymore Hoffman fan, then that Sunday was not for you (along with some of the writing that follows here).

So I was with my family watching the Broncos completely fall apart.  But at least the commercials were amusing—not so much.  In years passed, I typically update my Facebook status while watching the Super Bowl and its commercials.  This year was no different.  This morning, when I reviewed my posted statuses, I noticed that not a single one singled out the “funny” commercials.

Without further ado, here is a Super Bowl recap via my Facebook status updates:

Wait a minute.  I still have a little “ado” left.  I had to look up the word “ado” to make sure I was using it properly.  Ado is defined as “bustling activity; fuss; bother; delay”.  So yes, all is well.  I now have no more “ado” so we can, in fact, continue.

The morning of Super Bowl Sunday brought us the news of the death of a Hollywood actor.

‘If you are waiting for Philip Seymour Hoffman to come to your Super Bowl party, umm, well this is awkward…’

I posted that because Mr. Hoffman apparently accidentally killed himself with drugs.  Perhaps this was insensitive to his surviving loved ones.  It probably was.  But really, I was just trying to look out for those Super-Bowl-partying people who were counting on him to bring his crock-pot filled with that awesome chicken-cheese dip that he was known for.  I mean, those poor people.  How dry their mouths must have been after eating dipless chips.

Besides, his loved loves don’t read my blog.  If they do, they never bother to push like or leave a comment.  So, whatever.

The game was kicked off by Phil Sims escorting Joe Namath to the coin flip to determine who would be declared the winner of the Super Bowl.  Seriously, using the coin flip to determine the winner would have been far less painful for the broncos.

‘”Phil, I want to kiss you.”, Joe.’

If you don’t understand this reference, just Google “Joe Namath I want to kiss you” and you will no doubt find a clip of a drunken Mr. Namath hitting on a sideline reporter while being interviewed on national television.  Priceless.  I’ll never be able to see Joe without recalling that video segment with sharp clarity in my head.  Completely more entertaining than Sherman’s rant.

The Super Bowl half time show was being advertised weeks in advance to showcase Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“Get ready for the oil and water half time show.”

Can this arrangement be anymore mismatched?  I couldn’t wait…

“Bruno is moving more than Denver’s offense.”

I have to say, Mr. Mars opened with an entertaining number that was enjoyable.  He banged on the drums for awhile and then welcomed the members of Sha-Na-Na onto stage.  They all sung and danced.  It was pleasant.

If you understand the Sha-Na-Na reference, you are old.  To be honest I thought they were all dead by now.  Although, I didn’t see Bowser anywhere?

And then the Red Hot Chili Peppers dropped in on the scene.  I like the Chili Pepper’s music, but trying to mix them in with Bruno’s class and style—not possible.

“I just ate a mars bar with a red hot chili pepper.  It was gross.”

Once again, I’ll note that the commercials this year were basically all forgettable.  Apparently Prince (the old pop star of the 1930’s) was guest starring on some sitcom that I don’t watch.  Many plugs for this comedy show were paid for—each highlighting Prince’s non-balding big hair.  Rogaine has treated him well.

“My 15 year old son just asked, “Who is Prince?”

So now I’m feeling old.  Apparently the sitcom show is not geared toward the 15 year old high school student demographic.

So the Super Bowl game was a one-sided flop with Peyton Manning’s offense struggling to get anything done.  So I signed off of my Facebook time line with one last parting shot.

“Phillip Seymore Hoffman is having a better day than Peyton Manning.  Just saying.”

Note: If you add, “Just saying.”  It can’t be considered inconsiderate.

Buy my book (very popular with the 15 year old high school students).

16 responses to “My Super Bowl Recap 2014

  1. I honestly thought that Joe’s flubbed coin flip (you know, flipping it before either team called a side of the coin) was the best part of the whole show.

  2. I giggled out loud at the Sha Na Na line, and I’m not even old. 😉

    I thought Bruno brought a lot of class back to the half-time show. Very stylish. I did see many tweets slamming him though.
    The funniest tweets were the #WhatsMoreAmericanThanAmerica I laughed myself stupid over many of them.

    Happy Monday.

    ~ Darling

  3. I didn’t (and never do) watch the Super Bowl. From this, it appears I didn’t miss much. But I was very sad to hear about Philip Seymour Hoffman. I really like his work. So talented.

    • I too enjoyed his work. He was a very good actor. So why, oh, why do people who have the world at their feet risk it all for drugs? His story has been repeated too many times, and I guess that is where my lack of compassion stems from.
      Who am I to judge? I shouldn’t, but hey, I’ve been drug free my entire life. I’m one of those people that can run for political office and honestly say I never did. Too bad politics aren’t my thing. Or maybe it is “too good”?
      Governor Marcus
      no – Senator Marcus
      no wait – President Marcus
      no wait, I got it:
      3rd member of the six-person bipartisan governing body
      (I’m 74% done reading)

      • I know; it’s frustrating to see so many lives lost to drugs. I try to remind myself that it’s an addiction which is a disease, but you’re right; it’s an oft-repeated story in the celebrity world.

  4. I thought it was odd that Macklemore was sent out to flip the coin. (One reference for the 15 year old to balance out the Sha-Na-Na comment.)

  5. I watched a recent Namath interview, and he sounds like a retired heavyweight boxer. I don’t think those helmets work.

  6. I thought the Super Bowl was amazing and entertaining from start to finish!

    Disclaimer: I’m a Seahawks fan & season ticket holder.

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