Signing Off

This post is not meant to bring on the “no don’t go” or some other words you might come up with to let me know that you think I am awesome, but here’s the thing—I’m out of gas.  Oh, and I already know how awesome I am.  Honestly, I have way too much going on in my world to continue feeding you wonderful readers the latest crazy voices in my head.  Dishonestly, I hate all of you.

Note: Marcus thinks it weird when people say “honestly” at the beginning of their statement.  Am I suppose to think that you are lying in all the cases where you didn’t say “honestly” first?  Honestly, I think it’s really odd.

I tried to take this blog the route of the “rerun” but even that doesn’t seem to get elevated to the level that you, my wonderful reader, deserve.

So this is what is going to happen.  Soon, the site “” will revert to whatever WordPress spews out for free.  I think the backup name is ““—but I’m too pressed for time to go and verify that for you.

I still maintain my joy of writing humorous thoughts.  For now, my Twitter account is in full swing.  Apparently I can handle kicking out 140 characters here and there.

Things I may or may not be up to now that I’m putting the blog on hold:

  • Another book? No plans, but that might be fun.
  • Doing stand-up at the open mic night. I should try just once.
  • Launching my new Voice Over career. Since you people are just reading, you don’t know that I have the next great advertising voice of the century.  “In a world where Marcus sells product with the sound of his deep voice…”
  • Opening a dog training school. Sorry, that one was just for me.    Never gonna happen.
  • Continue raising two teenage boys with my wonderful wife. Put your money on this one.

I leave you with this short list of blogs worth your time (because of the people write behind them! …I did that on purpose).

The Write Transition : She has another awesome novel coming down the pike and I can’t wait!

Breezy Books Blog : Maddie is on hiatus, but when she returns, I’ll read those words with you.  …and all of her forthcoming stories that she will be publishing too.

Don’t Quote Lily : Lily, too, has slowed down her blogging.  Maybe after she gets her wedding all planned out, she will crank up the randomness again.  I haven’t seen my wedding invite yet.  Odd.

The Sarcastic Boob : An amazing woman on an amazing journey.  Her words rock!

God Bless all of you.


16 responses to “Signing Off

  1. Perfectly understandable–there just isn’t enough hours in the day. I know that’s cliche, but I’m saying it anyway. And thank you for listing my blog! How nice of you! I appreciate the mention.

    Good luck with your plans. I completely get the raising two teenage boys part. My youngest started high school today. HIGH SCHOOL! How is that possible? Sigh.

  2. Aw, will miss you, thank you for being part of my blogging experience, for being part of my blogosphere, Best wishes to you in all you do! And now I’m stalking you on Twitter 😉

  3. Thanks for the sharing. Honestly, I’ve enjoyed it. 🙂
    Moving on is something we all must do at times.
    Also thanks for the blog recommendations. Carrie Rubin is my all time favorite blogger and author. Now then, I’ll check those others out.
    You do rock and you are awesome!

  4. Yeah, we’re on the same boat there. I ran out of gas a year ago. Huh, I should probably get that looked at.
    Be it new stuff or re-runs, you’ll be missed. Take care, enjoy your family. 🙂

    • You should consider changing to a hybrid posting style. Although I’ll be off the air, I’ll still be looking for the e-mails notifications of your writing if and when the batteries kick in.

  5. I’m looking forward to the 140 character updates!

  6. Following you on twitter now! 140 characters is better than no characters and since you’ve forbidden us from crying, I shall channel my emotions elsewhere. All the best on your bucket list! Take lots of pictures!

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