Blam Awards

The following list of Blogs are here because it is my opinion that visiting these blogs is not a waste of your time.  They each have been nominated by me for the Blam award.  The Blam award can be understood by reading this.

Blam Award List (in no particular order):
Funniest blog out there.  About 3/1000 funnier than mine.
A very humorous sarcastic woman dealing with a very serious issue.
Another mother nearing the edge of insanity.
Someone who makes sense more often than not.  If fact, I can’t recall a time I didn’t agree with her point.
Great family stories (I’m a sucker for families).
The greatest book reviewer of all time.
Chipmunks and mustaches.  Enough said.
He makes me think a lot.  Sometime my brain hurts.

Enjoy them all.  I do.

I will from time to time revisit this list and add to it (no promise on when that will ever happen).  Note to the blog authors:  Please keep up the good writing.  You wouldn’t want to get removed from the Blam award list, now would you?

16 responses to “Blam Awards

  1. Why thank you! I know some of the blogs on this list, so good choices! And congrats to you. 😉

  2. Wow! So appreciate the nod. Thank you. You might have given me enough motivation to continue another month… Wait, was this the award you were making “affectionate” fun of a month ago? HA. Love it even more!!!

  3. Thanks for Blamming me! I’m flattered. I think I participated in two blog awards then I nominated a guy who wrote a scathing post in response to my link to his blog, and compared the awards to women faking orgasms. It was a pretty funny post, but that was the last blog spam I ever sent around. Thank you again!

  4. Wow – thank you so much! What an honor to be up here on your blog, and with so many other fabulous bloggers to boot! Thank you so much.

    Although I don’t know where you got the idea that I liked mustaches. Or chipmunks.

  5. Thanks again for reading and sharing my stuff! I really appreciate the recognition!

  6. Wow. I’m the greatest book reviewer of all time? That’s awesome!!! I’m making t-shirts that say that.

    • You haven’t already? I think you’re missing out on some real publicity.

      • I’m going to do it tomorrow. It’s on my list, right after I finish reading Imperfect Bliss. It’s an okay book. It’s funny but not nearly as funny as My Status Update Journey. I think I”m going to put that in my review. I might even link to your Amazon again as a thanks for that Blam. 🙂

  7. prayingforoneday

    Please accept this award
    “SunShine Award”


  8. prayingforoneday

    The Word Press Family Award
    You are part of my Word Press Family.
    It explains it in Red in the award
    I would be DELIGHTED if you accepted.


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