My Books!

Ok.  This page is basically me wanting you to read and enjoy my books.  Oddly enough, I also get a little chunk of change in my pocket when you do so.  So, if you have been too lazy to click on the amazon link that is at the end of every single blog entry that I write, I’m bringing the amazon page to you; see below.

If you are an amazon prime member, you can “borrow” my books for FREE for your kindle reading device.  FREE!  You understand that means $0.00.  Right?

Click the picture below and you will be magically transported to the world of amazon.  Once there, your every book reading dream can come true.

Warning: If we ever bump into each other, I will be happy to autograph your kindle reader with my favorite black sharpie marker.  I’ll do the paper versions too, but that’s not nearly as exciting.

Can I get a Ooooo!

Oh, and after you complete your book reading dream come true, don’t forget to revisit amazon push their “like” button and write me an honest review.  Honestly.  So far, those that wrote my book a review have given it five stars!  It’s just that good.

Mental note to self:  If the honest reviews begin to drag the star average downward, return here and adjust the wording.  Or perhaps remove the request for reviews alltogether.

Second mental note to self:  A typed mental note is not a mental note anymore.

7 responses to “My Books!

  1. Hi. Thanks for liking my latest post on my book review site. Have a wonderful day!

  2. That’s a frightening photo of your sunburnt legs… see, I didn’t use the word “scary”.

  3. Thanks for visiting dentaleggs. I appreciate that… and that’s the biggest platter of Oreos I’ve ever seen. Hope you ate them all.

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