Secret Hidden Page

Apparently not, but don’t tell anyone else.

18 responses to “Secret Hidden Page

  1. I’ve nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award! No problem if you’re not into these things. For more info see:

  2. I’m trying to find the secret hidden words in the secret hidden post in the secret hidden page. You got me there 😉

  3. Am gone 😉

  4. I thought this might open the secret page containing the secret to weight loss after—what’s your number? 40. I’m gonna search your archives.

  5. I feel really stupid since I tried peeking into your “SECRET PAGE.” I should’ve known better than to snoop, it always hits me in the face. The worst I thought to happen would have been a loud voice yelling at me in some demonic tone telling me to “GEEETTTTT OUUUUUTTTT!” Hugs!

  6. I could not find your secret page. I am disappointed.

    Where am I?

  7. Secret Hidden Page, I have found you. While I was parked here and looking around at the secret things I couldn’t see anywhere else, I refreshed you twenty-five times. The shrimp with the pudding poop came up most often, but the Oreo cookies only showed up ONE TIME! Secret Hidden Page, you are stingy with your cookies!

  8. Thought this would lead to the geocaching adventure of my lifetime. Thanks.

  9. Yes! Yes! I had to come here! Fine…have my follow.

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