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Boy of Summer

My son had his first baseball game of the Fall League.  This particular league is very informal.  All the rules are followed, of course, but this season of ball can be used to explore other positions that the players may want to try.  A couple of innings in the outfield, a couple on third base, maybe he’ll pitch an inning here or there.

The team we were playing had just enough players to play the game—nine, for those of you who need a baseball lesson.  During one of the inning changes my son jogged in from the outfield because it was now his team’s turn at bat.  I watched him kick around the dugout, drink some water, and then jog back out to the play left field!  Oh no!  What is he doing?  How embarrassing for him.  What a bizarre mistake to make.  He was standing in the outfield with the other team!  Clearly the heat was getting to him making him go crazy.

I started flailing my arms like a crazy man trying to get his attention.  It appeared to him that I was trying to coach from the sidelines and tell where to stand.  He moved over a couple of feet and gave me the thumbs-up sign.  I so wanted him to sprint back to the dugout to avoid the ridicule that was no doubt coming.  I ran over to the coach and whispered in a frantic kind of way, “Coach!  Logan is in left field!”

“He is alright.  The other team had a player that had to leave early and their coach asked to borrow one of our players.  Logan was the first to volunteer.  I like his enthusiasm.”

Whew.  That’s way better.  I thought I was raising a baseball loser-freak for a minute there.

The coach added, “As I was sending him out there, he stopped, turned around, and asked me if he should try his best, or drop anything hit to him.”  That’s my son—the team player.  As it turned out, he almost threw out one of his teammates at home plate.  The ball was just a fraction of a second too late.  Maybe he held it just long enough to purposely miss the out.  Just maybe.

Buy my book, coach.  I’m ready to play.