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Toilet Paper Packaging

Does anyone have a need for toilet paper ads anymore?  You’re probably already sold on the product.  It’s a need, not a want.  And yet, the ads and packaging are out there—no signs of relenting.  Recently, I was looking at the packaging of several different brands names and I saw a baby, a puppy, and a cartoon bear.

Let’s discuss.  Shall we?

A baby?  Adorable yes, but does a baby make a good mascot?  Nope.  I think babies should stick to selling diapers.  What do they know about toilet paper?  They have no business selling toilet paper.  Baby wipes are the correct tool for their world, not toilet paper.

A puppy?  How does this sell toilet paper?  Perhaps if you are training a dog that continues to crap on your carpet, this is the brand for you.

A cartoon bear?  Maybe the company owning this particular brand of toilet paper is trying to answer the question, “does a bear shit in the woods?”  Yes, he does!  And then he wipes his rear end with a set of two-ply cotton-like extra strong squares of the softest paper known to man and bear alike.

No.  No, these are all wrong.  A better choice for a picture on your toilet paper packaging would be a grown man holding a half eaten burrito in one hand and a tube of hemorrhoid cream in the other.  You see the logic here?  This image would clearly highlight the credibility of the paper product.  Obviously this guy will not be as cute as the puppy, but he will clearly be a more effective example of the scenarios that this toilet paper can handle.

Would you buy my book if it had a baby, a bear, and puppy on the cover?